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October 22, 2015

Cage the Darkness Inc. is a new and innovative company that cares for people no matter who you are, living or otherwise! No one should be without help!! Our company has many sections involved in different aspects of life services. A few different things including Paranormal Investigating both for serious help with paranormal problems, which is always completely free excluding out of state travel expenses, to the fun side of investigating with our local Paranormal Investigating Event business, Cage the Darkness Entertainment! Email us to get your dates set we are running out of space for this year! We also do event inves...

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What is your Motivation?

Why do you want to be an investigator?

by- Nick T White

When you say, "I want to be a "Paranormal Investigator", or "ghost hunter", or "Bigfoot Hunter", "UFO Hunter" etc., what is your motivation? What is it that makes you want to become part of the few that's curious about the unknown? Do you know that even the most seasoned investigators can say that each and every investigation we come across something different that hasn't been seen before? That's why one of the main topics I bring up many times at speaking events is to, "Always be questioning". There could be a number of different occurrences that led up to the investigation and, being ready by learning as much as possible will help you to become a much better "Uncaged Investigator", and knowing every angle to cover. Keep your mind open to out of the ordinary possibilities and you will see the truth more often. I can tell you my motivation is, that I want to know the truth, plain and simple, and Im keeping an open mind to know what that truth is when I find it.

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